Community call – Desire for Non-Profit Formation

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The West Colfax Food Co-op is a community owned, for profit, business. Although profit is not our primary and sole objective, it is critical that the grocery can show and maintain profitability to flourish. Additionally, we are interested in food access and nutritional education as part of our vision.

The intent of this post is to call the community to action for the formation of a non-profit that will create a conduit for which the Co-op (or possibly the non-profit) can extend to this mission into the community.  Creating and maintaining a non-profit will allow access to tax deductible donations (funding) from like-minded corporations, government grants, other non-profits, philanthropic organizations, etc.

Potential non-profit activities:

  • Nutritional Educational Classes
  • Nutritional Outreach
  • Co-op Scholarship
  • Food job training
  • Cooking Classes

Please contact us as soon as you are able if you have experience in non-profit formation and management, or have in interest in driving this forward.

Kindest regards and Food for Every Body!